Tradeable tokens that may be transferred anywhere at anytime.
SPT can be converted to SPT POWER in a process called staking.
SPT Power
Influence tokens which give you more control over post payouts and allow you to earn curation rewards.
+194 SPT
Tradeable tokens that may be transferred anywhere at anytime.
HIVE can be converted to HIVE POWER in a process called staking.
HIVE Power
Influence tokens which give you more control over post payouts and allow you to earn curation rewards.
+38.105 HIVE
HIVE Dollar
Tradeable tokens that may be transferred anywhere at anytime.


Transferred 11963.35 SPT to dynamicgreentk
assasin undelegated 500 SPT
Transferred 5090.384049 SPT to dynamicgreentk
Completed unstake of 5090.384049 SPT
Transferred 5094.646152 SPT to dynamicgreentk
Completed unstake of 5090.384049 SPT
steem82868 undelegated 200 SPT
Curation reward: 4.262103 SPT for hamst/splinterlands-art-contest-week-155-spirit-of-the-forest
Completed unstake of 5090.384049 SPT
Curation reward: 134.236887 SPT for archimax72/splinterlands-art-contest-week-155-fiery-phoenix
Curation reward: 137.465266 SPT for joetunex/iajmafih
Curation reward: 168.249073 SPT for logicforce/splinterlands-daily-rewards-results-9-a9aa1531a1bc8
Curation reward: 136.634937 SPT for dorian-lee/splinterlands-diary-71-magnor
Curation reward: 189.576805 SPT for skylinebuds/izixdwui
Curation reward: 1115.862216 SPT for dynamicrypto/hive-big-potential-nft-blockchain-game-predictions
Curation reward: 206.439171 SPT for atnazo/all-is-about-the-tournaments-i-enter-the-scene-check-out-my-rewards-for-quest-in-gold-i
Curation reward: 205.759375 SPT for sand126/unicorn-mustang-multi-styled-art
Curation reward: 117.910042 SPT for yugure/splinterlands-weekly-art-contest-haunted-spirit-vs-unicorn-mustang
Author reward: 0.000006 SPT for spt-curate/re-gregory-f-qzvl9m
Curation reward: 274.038626 SPT for draicor/splinterlands-weekly-challenge-centauri-mage
Curation reward: 132.105019 SPT for joetunex/mdhhualt
Curation reward: 246.563832 SPT for draicor/black-dragon-vs-silvershield-knight-animation-in-pixel-art-gif-splinterlands-art-contest-155
Curation reward: 192.563612 SPT for oadissin/sqzcbsde
Curation reward: 188.048206 SPT for atnazo/just-look-at-my-daily-rewards-in-gold-i
Curation reward: 220.926750 SPT for angrychipmunk1/splinterlands-art-contest-week-155-yodin-zaku-ceramic-tile
Curation reward: 151.685094 SPT for dorian-lee/splinterlands-diary-69-spark-pixies
Received 186.370909 SPT from dynamicgreentk
Curation reward: 135.792866 SPT for bulldog1205/nfgcbjii
Curation reward: 355.415249 SPT for drabs587/giving-out-3-legendairies-200sps-and-2kdec-on-stream
Curation reward: 347.840593 SPT for drabs587/splinterlore-sunday-giveaway-recap
Received delegation of 100 SPT from pain25
Curation reward: 143.444695 SPT for joetunex/pldcqqoc
Curation reward: 177.379926 SPT for logicforce/splinterlands-daily-rewards-results-9-2747d50729f1d
Curation reward: 355.612518 SPT for kayukki/splinterlands-art-contest-week-155-feral-spirit
Curation reward: 488.312316 SPT for yumi-drizzle/splinterlands-art-contest-week-155
Curation reward: 204.891945 SPT for crossbro/splinterlands-art-contest-week-155-medusa
Curation reward: 252.956756 SPT for mango-juice/got-my-first-gold-foil-legendary-brawl-card
Curation reward: 226.850581 SPT for jaydeeaitch/splinterlands-art-contest-week-155-twilight-basilisk-digital-art
Curation reward: 164.483655 SPT for oadissin/splinterstats-season-57-report-card
Curation reward: 965.662399 SPT for dynamicrypto/there-is-a-storm-coming-splinterlands
Curation reward: 200.990964 SPT for catnoodles/splinterlands-art-contest-week-155-goblin-voodoo
Curation reward: 120.862077 SPT for jonnycoin/yodin-yodin-how-i-love-thee
Curation reward: 171.472220 SPT for joetunex/yrtfsdet
Curation reward: 152.907318 SPT for jongolson/zizvphdr
Author reward: 0.806546 SPT for spt-curate/re-clicktrackprofit-qzrazt
Curation reward: 129.506895 SPT for spartano/splinterlands-art-contest-week-155-haunted-spirit
Author reward: 0.807644 SPT for spt-curate/re-clicktrackprofit-ktta437u
Curation reward: 131.979835 SPT for mango-juice/sps-n-spt-market-watch-and-my-daily-loot-rewards
Curation reward: 187.731176 SPT for clicktrackprofit/the-he-index-esports-guild-and-how-to-proceed
Curation reward: 191.969787 SPT for oadissin/wokkeggu
Curation reward: 167.958906 SPT for dorian-lee/splinterlands-diary-65-gladius-case
Curation reward: 192.180015 SPT for joetunex/sea-monster-at-usd4-30-still-a-bargain
Curation reward: 223.094802 SPT for atnazo/my-daily-rewards-for-quest-in-gold-i-made-in-16-09-2021
Curation reward: 512.987950 SPT for jonnycoin/if-you-had-100-000-dec-to-spend
Curation reward: 902.663949 SPT for beerbod/truthspeaker-fan-service
Curation reward: 367.491697 SPT for finnx/splinterlands-art-contest-week-155-silvershield-unicorn-knight
Curation reward: 209.999006 SPT for sgbonus/battle-of-the-day-01-axe-master--explosive-weaponry
Transferred 763.763038 SPT to dynamicgreentk
Author reward: 902.831990 SPT for spt-curate/using-the-battle-hashtag-with-splinterlands-content-and-changes-to-curation
Curation reward: 187.984873 SPT for spt-curate/using-the-battle-hashtag-with-splinterlands-content-and-changes-to-curation
Author reward: 0.019960 SPT for spt-curate/re-denjii-qzoxp7
Started unstake of 20361.536197 SPT
dynamicgreentk undelegated 1000753.803017 SPT
Received 15.363776 SPT from dynamicgreentk
Received 78.724655 SPT from dynamicgreentk
Received delegation of 200 SPT from steem82868
Received 58.874135 SPT from dynamicgreentk
Received 69.608253 SPT from dynamicgreentk
Received 16.556358 SPT from dynamicgreentk
Received delegation of 500 SPT from assasin
Received 122.114216 SPT from dynamicgreentk
Received 41.994978 SPT from dynamicgreentk
Received delegation of 94 SPT from pain25
Received 81.938078 SPT from dynamicgreentk
Transferred 330.235983 SPT to dynamicgreentk
Transferred 94.653937 SPT to dynamicgreentk
Received 10 SPT from dynamicgreentk
Received 1111 SPT from dynamicgreentk
Received 8464.231997 SPT from dynamicgreentk
Received 1250 SPT from dynamicgreentk
Received 893.217504 SPT from dynamicgreentk
Received 0.219214 SPT from dynamichivers
Received 0.700511 SPT from dynamicsteemians
Received 3335 SPT from dynamicgreentk
Received 854.024836 SPT from dynamicgreentk
Received 860 SPT from dynamicgreentk
Received 1792.067356 SPT from dynamicgreentk
Received 1.00732 SPT from dynamicgreentk
Received 6947 SPT from dynamicgreentk
Received delegation of 100000 SPT from dynamicgreentk
Received 823 SPT from dynamicgreentk
Received 43.772295 SPT from dynamicgreentk
Received 100 SPT from dynamicgreentk
Received 216.259934 SPT from dynamicgreentk
Received 51.93285 SPT from dynamicsteemians
Received 363.59447 SPT from dynamicgreentk
Cancelled unstaked on 286.802313 SPT
Started unstake of 286.802313 SPT
Received delegation of 2426.570642 SPT from dynamicgreentk
Received delegation of 41886.346577 SPT from dynamicgreentk