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I was supposed to post these last night, but tiredness came over and I had to postpone the publishing these photos.

After a sunny morning, yesterday eventually turned into quite a rainy day.

I risked my gear and went into a forest to shoot a couple of photos.

There was a spider in her web under the leaf, but I only noticed it when I was editing the photos.

It might have been better to focus the photo on the spider.

I haven't been using my glasses lately, because I can actually see better without them than with them. (They are scratched.) I think I need to get myself new ones so that I won't miss these small details when shooting photos.

I love the mushroom photo. Perfect focus and composition.

Anyhow. It's still raining, and I should shoot photos for today too.

Oh, and I have a dentist's appointment in two hours. I'll need to prepare myself.

See ya later!

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Very stunning photography with the nature after rain, its looks pretty good view moss on the stone. It grew beside a tough situation, the pixels of photo are impressive and clear!

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