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Today was a pizza day.

The tree leaves outside are beginning to turn yellow.

It just doesn't show in the smartphone photo.

I'll take some autumn photos tomorrow I guess.

It's exciting that I surpassed both 4 years on this blockchain, and also made the 70 reputation club, almost at the same time. If you haven't seen it yet, here's the 4 year celebration post!

Oh, and now there's also a Daily and Fresh 📸 Community for you to post your own daily and fresh photos!


I'm looking forward to seeing what kind of fresh photos you'll come up with!

See ya!

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Crunchy and softy mixed texture about the pizza, time is elapsed and autumn is at our door step, such a beautiful season of nature.

Very lovely sight of pizza, you have taken perfect angle. Autumn is coming with sign of tree yellow leaf.

That pizza looks tasty. I made pizza last Friday, so I am only a bit jealous. :)

Yummy looking pizza!
Yup! Those leaves are turning autumn colours! It’s so fast! Autumn already!

Lovely and crispy pizza! Yummy