Posing for the camera in the forest :: Daily and Fresh 📷 (227/366)

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I rarely get so nice photos of Miro smiling, and even if it's with the smartphone, I had to share this.

We had a great time in the forest (I could even call it "quality time" with my son), and both Ninnu and Miro enjoyed our walk.

Tell me guys, what kinds of things do you do with your offspring when they get home from school?

Miro loves Splinterlands, but he was somewhat distraught today by the new changes brought to the league mechanism. Especially the "collection power" rule.

He got angry because he no longer is not eligible to the Gold I league, because he doesn't have enough cards to advance while he could earlier get to the Diamond league without problems.

It seems that if one wants to advance to next leagues, they basically need to buy more cards.

I'm not sure but doesn't that go against the game aspect of it all, that you could advance by your skills only?

I might need to delegate some strong cards to him so that he can advance a few levels if he wants to. Not sure if there's any other way though.

There's been so much talk of "investment" around the game, as a reply to whether buying into better paying leagues is an unfair advantage.

But isn't the time you invest in playing also an investment?

Well, I'll let this be for now, but after having discussed these things on the Splinterlands discord, I'll seriously think about sponsoring Miro in his game since he seems to like it so much. I've got more than enough cards, and it seems I personally play too randomly these days anyway. So much for my namesake, "@gamer00".

Well this was a long post. I'll post again tomorrow.

See ya!

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I think, i am not playing this because of buying few more cards, and you are not eligible to participate without any card. No more free version about splinterlands. Your offspring will be more fun with family.


A wonderful photo! Hope you get things settled for Miros gaming advancement!

That’s a wonderful photo!! Miro’s really very happy. The walk in the forest must have been magical!

@gamer00, When kids smile in a way environment becomes more bright and happy.

And looks like this Forest have a good depth and very lively essence to it.

Hope that one day Splinterlands will going to become everyone's favourite Collectible Game.

Yes, your Hive Username resonates with the Gaming Journey.

Have a wonderful time ahead and stay blessed.

Hope this off spring will be remarkable with your family.

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