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Decided to shoot things at home since outside was very uninviting today. It was really not a weather to take weather un-shielded photo equipment out into.

I ended up printing out this photo and placing it on our fridge. It was so very nice.

I posted about these paintings a while ago, but the photos were a bit out of focus, so I took a new one with a sharper focus this time. I wonder where the fourth one in the series is, and whether it is expensive.

Miro's and Leo's cacti are doing very well. :) I still laugh about how Leo's monster cactus punctured a hole into our watering can some years back.

The last photo...

I ate that apple. So of course I would take a picture before eating it. Right?

See ya!

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The photo hang on wall is very innovative photography and decoration very well, and the cactus which belongs long throne is ridiculous and you all experience by conceding whole in water cann.