Mantis Tobaggon

Digital Nomad - Djing, Photography, NFTs, Gaming and whatever else I find cool.
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Author reward: 1008.707072 SPT for mantis-tobaggon/what-cards-is-neutral-losing
Author reward: 0.227216 SPT for mantis-tobaggon/re-dark-hamburger-kw5r7c5x
Author reward: 0.245849 SPT for mantis-tobaggon/re-kingaddz-kw4dg7y2
Author reward: 964.476433 SPT for mantis-tobaggon/playing-with-new-gladiator-cards
Author reward: 0.055560 SPT for mantis-tobaggon/re-yablonsky-20211114t143521587z
Author reward: 0.153298 SPT for mantis-tobaggon/re-najlive-kvywzgxk
Author reward: 1989.313568 SPT for mantis-tobaggon/celebrating-3-months-on-hive
Author reward: 36.690525 SPT for mantis-tobaggon/what-cards-is-earth-splinter
Author reward: 28.691412 SPT for mantis-tobaggon/what-cards-is-fire-splinter
Author reward: 26.030523 SPT for mantis-tobaggon/what-cards-is-life-splinter
Author reward: 24.014104 SPT for mantis-tobaggon/what-cards-is-water-splinter
Author reward: 1435.162611 SPT for mantis-tobaggon/what-is-death-losing-in
Completed unstake of 2512.805697 SPT
Curation reward: 0.159324 SPT for steemmillionaire/market-value-of-doctor-blight
Curation reward: 0.314000 SPT for stefano.massari/re-mantis-tobaggon-2021112t74855582z
Author reward: 41.282329 SPT for mantis-tobaggon/splinterlands-tips-for-a-better
Curation reward: 0.246030 SPT for muki47/harvester
Curation reward: 0.172323 SPT for algcia213/free-raffle
Curation reward: 2.737168 SPT for freedomprepper/making-money-with-rentals-season-end-rental-experience-from-a-lender-s-perspective
Curation reward: 0.147190 SPT for kalam/one-week-free-delegation-of-uraeus-epic-lvl-1
Curation reward: 0.165173 SPT for r4tional/best-magic-counter-for-lower-leagues
Curation reward: 0.908478 SPT for drabs587/inogbrxg
Curation reward: 0.230337 SPT for phokaiju/love-splinterlands-here-s-3-cards-that-are-going-to-go-up-massively-in-profit
Curation reward: 0.147555 SPT for rosiew/splinterlands-ama-summary-for-october-29-2021
Curation reward: 0.172229 SPT for shauner/doctor-blight-stats-released-chaos
Curation reward: 0.162705 SPT for xplosive/a-usd50-hbd-gift-for
Curation reward: 0.321009 SPT for projectuniverse/re-mantis-tobaggon-kvahr7jt
Author reward: 115.934658 SPT for mantis-tobaggon/planning-my-deck-for-chaos
Curation reward: 0.163973 SPT for peakmonsters/auto-rental-bids
Completed unstake of 2512.805695 SPT
Curation reward: 0.347830 SPT for rentmoney/free-splintertalk-nft-inside-feeling-lucky
Author reward: 0.775987 SPT for mantis-tobaggon/re-vlemon-20211026t16404395z
Curation reward: 0.801634 SPT for demonic23/alluring-wood-nymph
Author reward: 2013.525669 SPT for mantis-tobaggon/use-peakmonsters-filters-for-fast
Curation reward: 0.963231 SPT for ashikstd/splinterlands-battle-or-djinn-chwala
Curation reward: 0.653491 SPT for thewascalwabbits/newbie-s-first-month
Curation reward: 0.462657 SPT for dogevill/why-splinterlands-is-the-best-blockchain-game-at-the-moment-reason-to-invest-in
Curation reward: 0.447021 SPT for shauner/liquid-sps-falls-below-90
Completed unstake of 2512.805695 SPT
Curation reward: 1.005739 SPT for livinguktaiwan/re-mantis-tobaggon-r18rm9
Curation reward: 0.328125 SPT for marianaemilia/i-was-interviewed-by-the-brazilian-magazine-nft-play-english-version
Curation reward: 1.003562 SPT for fatasfunk/re-mantis-tobaggon-20211019t173237580z
Curation reward: 1.015762 SPT for target-post/re-mantis-tobaggon-20211018t223526283z
Curation reward: 1.035725 SPT for rosiew/re-mantis-tobaggon-kuw2pgf0
Author reward: 2475.091080 SPT for mantis-tobaggon/celebrating-2-months-of-hive
Curation reward: 4.035291 SPT for jarvie/advanced-splinterlands-pre-sale-math-spreadsheet-fun
Curation reward: 0.970715 SPT for vq15/the-perfect-tanks-for-each-legendary-summoner-silver-league
Author reward: 0.199262 SPT for mantis-tobaggon/re-superxsymbiote-20211016t134722629z
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Curation reward: 0.632530 SPT for jylem/splinterlands-end-of-season-less-than-24-hours-remaining
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