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Tradeable tokens that may be transferred anywhere at anytime.
SPT can be converted to SPT POWER in a process called staking.
SPT Power
Influence tokens which give you more control over post payouts and allow you to earn curation rewards.
Tradeable tokens that may be transferred anywhere at anytime.
HIVE can be converted to HIVE POWER in a process called staking.
HIVE Power
Influence tokens which give you more control over post payouts and allow you to earn curation rewards.
HIVE Dollar
Tradeable tokens that may be transferred anywhere at anytime.


Author reward: 0.057661 SPT for mythicalman/really-splinterlands-a-soccer-game
Author reward: 0.004532 SPT for mythicalman/dallan-the-death-summoner
Author reward: 4.019159 SPT for mythicalman/did-you-vote-yet
Author reward: 0.026652 SPT for mythicalman/a-little-evil-resides-in-everyone
Author reward: 3.248765 SPT for mythicalman/turning-frustration-into-rewards
Author reward: 2.823705 SPT for mythicalman/there-is-money-in-collecting-a-corpse
Author reward: 0.678558 SPT for mythicalman/land-is-still-available
Author reward: 3.358310 SPT for mythicalman/wow-node-license-sold-out-in-13-minutes
Author reward: 0.763417 SPT for mythicalman/aggroed-ceo-bdss-card
Author reward: 0.912257 SPT for mythicalman/what-would-you-do
Author reward: 0.010059 SPT for mythicalman/re-qoogohome-rb0naa
Author reward: 0.432078 SPT for mythicalman/tournament-rules
Author reward: 0.010996 SPT for mythicalman/re-raistling-rak56q
Author reward: 0.491473 SPT for mythicalman/you-know-you-want-to-tu-sais-que-tu-le-veux-sabes-que-quieres--hago-sip-eun-geo-aljanh-a
Author reward: 1.033910 SPT for mythicalman/needs-to-stop-to-save-game-economy
Author reward: 0.687571 SPT for mythicalman/life-sapper-to-the-rescue
Author reward: 72.105761 SPT for mythicalman/stocking-up-on-lava
Author reward: 0.102989 SPT for mythicalman/where-do-i-get-this-power
Author reward: 0.480810 SPT for mythicalman/dark-laughter
Author reward: 0.400365 SPT for mythicalman/i-can-predicthe-future
Author reward: 0.003651 SPT for mythicalman/re-deathstarer7-r9oeh6
Author reward: 6.723101 SPT for mythicalman/sps-is-now-listed-on-cryptocom-exchange
Author reward: 0.226922 SPT for mythicalman/shopping-for-rare-cards
Author reward: 8.823698 SPT for mythicalman/town-hall-reminder
Author reward: 0.014385 SPT for mythicalman/re-henruc-r9ezs6
Author reward: 6.761625 SPT for mythicalman/nodes-are-coming
Author reward: 7.518829 SPT for mythicalman/total-carnage-brings-happiness
Author reward: 0.007494 SPT for mythicalman/re-rensev-r944ge
Author reward: 2.135667 SPT for mythicalman/dswap-policy-agreement
Author reward: 0.074725 SPT for mythicalman/no-value
Author reward: 0.005624 SPT for mythicalman/re-tjdemigod-r90gos
Author reward: 0.000089 SPT for mythicalman/please-change-robots-line-up
Author reward: 0.000089 SPT for mythicalman/bots-are-hindering-splinterlands-growth
Author reward: 0.672089 SPT for mythicalman/tournament-is-a-joke
Author reward: 0.001518 SPT for mythicalman/re-peakd-r84tmm
Author reward: 1.252839 SPT for mythicalman/omg-spells-at-work
Author reward: 16.433735 SPT for mythicalman/land-is-currently-available
Author reward: 0.000046 SPT for mythicalman/re-hivebuzz-r7z8ng
Author reward: 0.467061 SPT for mythicalman/combining-cards
Author reward: 17.696806 SPT for mythicalman/the-more-you-play-the-more-you-learn
Author reward: 0.007120 SPT for mythicalman/waka-sale
Author reward: 0.014393 SPT for mythicalman/re-rtonline-r7mekg
Author reward: 16.041752 SPT for mythicalman/edit-loot-chests
Author reward: 0.690745 SPT for mythicalman/splinterlands-payment-options
Author reward: 0.000441 SPT for mythicalman/pay-low-eth-gas-fees-eth-pague-tarifas-bajas-de-gas-eth-payer-de-faibles-frais-de-gaz-eth-niedrige-eth-gasgebuhren-bezahlen
Author reward: 0.496065 SPT for mythicalman/gold-level-1-daily-quest-reward
Author reward: 0.898438 SPT for mythicalman/sps-should-be-on-your-radar-sps-devrait-etre-sur-votre-radar-sps-deberia-estar-en-su-radar-sps-
Author reward: 2.890088 SPT for mythicalman/bad-bad-kitty
Author reward: 0.382777 SPT for mythicalman/free-mobile-promo
Author reward: 1.173465 SPT for mythicalman/lady-luck
Received 2100.85799 SPT from dswap SwapResponse