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Staked 311.394967 SPT to rob23hive
Received 311.394967 SPT from rob23
Staked 134.062041 SPT to rob23hive
Received 133.85589 SPT from rob23
Staked 5.58444 SPT to rob23hive
Curation reward: 0.206151 SPT for pkm-token/pkm-peakmonsters-token-and-airdrop
Received 5.58444 SPT from rob23
Staked 20.416464 SPT to rob23hive
Curation reward: 0.263546 SPT for ghostlybg/daily-quest-report-silver-ii-water
Curation reward: 0.848156 SPT for metronet/season-1-daily-quest-rewards-day-1
Curation reward: 0.279356 SPT for rensev/announcement
Curation reward: 0.188212 SPT for gh-favel/share-your-battle-featuring-black
Curation reward: 0.217831 SPT for ingi1976/bot-why-do-they-do-that
Curation reward: 0.466979 SPT for rexymonster/five-greatest-support-cards-of-chaos-legion-editon
Received 18.128243 SPT from rob23
Received 1801.632405 SPT from rob23
Author reward: 8.391736 SPT for rob23hive/never-skip-your-daily-quest
Staked 17.813705 SPT to rob23hive
Author reward: 0.351631 SPT for rob23hive/splinterlands-share-a-battle-epic-life-leech-win
Curation reward: 0.494807 SPT for magalli/re-rob23hive-kyapoedj
Author reward: 10.771953 SPT for rob23hive/i-bought-the-top-on-kron-the-undying
Curation reward: 1.021541 SPT for jjbinx/upcoming-splinterlands-airdrop
Curation reward: 0.776102 SPT for mervinthepogi/card-pack-surprise
Curation reward: 0.752989 SPT for shepherd714/mycelic-infantry-and-mylor-for-the-win
Curation reward: 0.295279 SPT for rxhector/splinterlands-daily-swearfest-season-63-day-12-sniper-sniper
Curation reward: 0.716898 SPT for timmy-turnip/don-t-buy-a-quest-potion-rent-instead
Curation reward: 0.576196 SPT for rentaw03/wryfnenm
Curation reward: 0.369689 SPT for tergan604/i-just-pulled-my-new-favorite-card-sola
Curation reward: 0.671672 SPT for chadrona/hmevsykg
Curation reward: 0.485413 SPT for cruis/my-splinterlands-weekly-battle-share-challenge-with-them-taunt
Curation reward: 0.269012 SPT for joetunex/nqxsqgae
Curation reward: 0.260523 SPT for winston3992/brawl-2
Staked 28.459961 SPT to rob23hive
Received 28.459961 SPT from rob23
Staked 25.299 SPT to rob23hive
Received 25.299 SPT from rob23
Staked 56.73855 SPT to rob23hive
Received 56.73855 SPT from rob23
Staked 119.093639 SPT to rob23hive
Received 119.093639 SPT from rob23
Staked 22.842857 SPT to rob23hive
Received 22.842857 SPT from rob23
Staked 13.48854 SPT to rob23hive
Received 13.48854 SPT from rob23
Received 325.894336 SPT from rob23
Received 1006.503288 SPT from rob23
Received 639.721213 SPT from rob23
Staked 14.119829 SPT to rob23hive
Received 14.119829 SPT from rob23
Staked 18.958944 SPT to rob23hive
Received 18.958944 SPT from rob23
Staked 11.033488 SPT to rob23hive
Received 11.033488 SPT from rob23
Staked 1.320972 SPT to rob23hive
Author reward: 1.320972 SPT for rob23hive/underrated-rental-monster-black-dragon
Staked 820.41074 SPT to rob23hive
Received 820.41074 SPT from rob23
Staked 0.410552 SPT to rob23hive
Author reward: 0.410552 SPT for rob23hive/magic-attacks-insanely-valuable-in-bronze-leagues
Staked 15.706 SPT to rob23hive
Received 15.706 SPT from rob23
Staked 351.185038 SPT to rob23hive
Curation reward: 0.331662 SPT for palasatenea/re-rob23hive-r1jxym
Curation reward: 0.338910 SPT for fozzletink/re-rob23hive-r1jxmk
Author reward: 350.330952 SPT for rob23hive/going-all-in-on-splinterlands
Curation reward: 0.183514 SPT for splinterlands/splinterlands-art-contest-announcement
Staked 15.930085 SPT to rob23hive
Curation reward: 0.191935 SPT for clove71/pfpmgifx
Curation reward: 0.187576 SPT for marianaemilia/splinterzine---20---october-24th---2021
Curation reward: 0.195154 SPT for splinterlands/tome-of-chaos-the-collection
Received 15.35542 SPT from rob23
Staked 244.685267 SPT to rob23hive
Received 232.36 SPT from rob23
Author reward: 10.842211 SPT for rob23hive/my-biggest-investment-yet
Curation reward: 0.381749 SPT for jfang003/splinterlands-weekly-challenge-battle-dragons
Curation reward: 0.094081 SPT for joetunex/hlvjcpud
Curation reward: 0.400312 SPT for budeezbuys/land-prices-and-utility
Curation reward: 0.065750 SPT for rkcv/hyped
Author reward: 0.541164 SPT for rob23hive/venari-wavesmith-a-really-nice-addition
Staked 1723.467162 SPT to rob23hive
Received 1713.487974 SPT from rob23
Curation reward: 0.134359 SPT for oadissin/re-rob23hive-20211011t181328769z
Author reward: 9.771487 SPT for rob23hive/how-much-sps-do-you-want-to-stake
Curation reward: 0.073342 SPT for splinterlands/splinterlands-art-contest-week-158-10-booster-pack-prize
Staked 1.476873 SPT to rob23hive
Curation reward: 0.070686 SPT for costanza/splinterlands-youtubers-you-should-follow
Author reward: 1.331133 SPT for rob23hive/are-quest-potions-worth-the-cost
Curation reward: 0.075054 SPT for flauwy/splinterlands-how-much-can-you-earn-q4-2021
Staked 34.252 SPT to rob23hive
Received 34.252 SPT from rob23
Staked 40.834114 SPT to rob23hive
Author reward: 16.042023 SPT for rob23hive/new-legendary-cards-are-very-affordable
Author reward: 24.792091 SPT for rob23hive/comeback-time
Staked 25.228904 SPT to rob23hive
Received 25.228904 SPT from rob23