Tradeable tokens that may be transferred anywhere at anytime.
SPT can be converted to SPT POWER in a process called staking.
SPT Power
Influence tokens which give you more control over post payouts and allow you to earn curation rewards.
Tradeable tokens that may be transferred anywhere at anytime.
HIVE can be converted to HIVE POWER in a process called staking.
HIVE Power
Influence tokens which give you more control over post payouts and allow you to earn curation rewards.
HIVE Dollar
Tradeable tokens that may be transferred anywhere at anytime.


Author reward: 10.447792 SPT for frankevor/opening-of-3-gladius-case-total-fifteen-gladiator-cards-worth-it-for-sure
Author reward: 7.945928 SPT for frankevor/mastering-the-arena-my-indepth-analysis-of-four-brawl-battles
Author reward: 4109.789126 SPT for frankevor/turbo-wins-the-battle-in
Author reward: 50.104781 SPT for frankevor/ranged-attackers-alone-nailed-it-in-going-the-distance-ruleset
Author reward: 4236.556685 SPT for frankevor/explaining-a-brawl-battle-in
Author reward: 8.974659 SPT for frankevor/eangjwqo
Author reward: 1.544606 SPT for frankevor/re-bobaphet-202395t3155422z
Author reward: 10.743032 SPT for frankevor/ptnnrmua
Author reward: 1.501155 SPT for frankevor/re-bobaphet-202394t33745791z
Author reward: 1.417612 SPT for frankevor/re-athunderstruck-202394t33527519z
Author reward: 0.001556 SPT for frankevor/re-guurry123-s0fibm
Author reward: 10.629176 SPT for frankevor/opening-up-one-gladius-case
Author reward: 13.593118 SPT for frankevor/a-brawl-battle-using-oaken
Author reward: 55.884250 SPT for frankevor/a-brawl-battle-using-nerissa-a4514456a4fa4
Author reward: 3902.047716 SPT for frankevor/a-brawl-battle-using-dwarven
Author reward: 0.357877 SPT for frankevor/re-alokkumar121-2023816t123210564z
Author reward: 22.416115 SPT for frankevor/a-brawl-battle-using-supply
Author reward: 14.961533 SPT for frankevor/a-brawl-battle-using-agor
Author reward: 3783.536994 SPT for frankevor/a-brawl-battle-using-enchanted
Author reward: 21.604271 SPT for frankevor/a-brawl-battle-using-captain
Author reward: 3709.732708 SPT for frankevor/a-brawl-battle-using-goblin
Author reward: 11.367935 SPT for frankevor/a-brawl-battle-using-alva
Author reward: 3238.615492 SPT for frankevor/a-brawl-battle-using-doctor
Author reward: 21.304798 SPT for frankevor/a-brawl-battle-using-medusa
Author reward: 26.448854 SPT for frankevor/getting-victory-in-a-brawl
Author reward: 3394.172267 SPT for frankevor/a-brawl-battle-using-venari-6a547d99abde9
Author reward: 80.052678 SPT for frankevor/a-brawl-battle-using-nerissa
Author reward: 3763.334568 SPT for frankevor/a-brawl-battle-using-fire
Author reward: 3662.485327 SPT for frankevor/a-brawl-battle-using-sarius
Author reward: 16.959337 SPT for frankevor/a-brawl-battle-using-river
Author reward: 125.365806 SPT for frankevor/a-brawl-battle-using-lord
Author reward: 31.533885 SPT for frankevor/a-brawl-battle-using-gobson
Author reward: 25.969904 SPT for frankevor/a-brawl-battle-using-venari
Author reward: 3431.013528 SPT for frankevor/a-brawl-battle-using-efreet
Author reward: 49.307824 SPT for frankevor/a-brawl-battle-using-minotaur
Author reward: 29.361748 SPT for frankevor/a-brawl-battle-using-hydra
Author reward: 57.841291 SPT for frankevor/a-brawl-battle-using-phantom
Author reward: 12.051723 SPT for frankevor/a-brawl-battle-using-coral
Author reward: 21.569937 SPT for frankevor/a-brawl-battle-using-runemancer
Author reward: 28.937054 SPT for frankevor/a-brawl-battle-in-3
Author reward: 16.521921 SPT for frankevor/a-brawl-battle-in-going
Author reward: 72.179934 SPT for frankevor/battle-mage-secrets-broken-arrows
Author reward: 0.005858 SPT for frankevor/re-rashedifte-2023413t1194555z
Author reward: 29.085860 SPT for frankevor/a-brawl-battle-in-little
Author reward: 76.989824 SPT for frankevor/a-brawl-battle-using-cornealus
Author reward: 15.230221 SPT for frankevor/a-brawl-battle-using-fineas
Author reward: 15.074871 SPT for frankevor/a-brawl-battle-using-cerberus
Author reward: 12.705430 SPT for frankevor/a-brawl-battle-using-magic
Author reward: 0.002430 SPT for frankevor/re-leo-hive-2023320t51229614z
Author reward: 26.805608 SPT for frankevor/an-aimless-brawl-battle